Andrew Mesmer

| Mentalist


     One thing that guests remember most about a wedding is the entertainment and how much they enjoyed themselves. Mentalism is an excellent way to create a lasting memorable experience unlike any other, adding a sense of mystery and wonder to your special occasion. A Mentalist can entertain during the wedding reception either for a seated audience or up close, and will add a certain elegance to your special day that no other form of entertainment would be able to offer.

     Having a live band or a DJ at a wedding reception is always fun, but also predictable. Having a Mentalist, however, is truly unique and unexpected. Not only will Andrew Mesmer entertain your guests, but he will make them a part of the show. His feats of the mind may leave your friends and family speechless during the experience, but will certainly have them talking for a very long time afterwards. Make your wedding one that nobody will ever forget. 

     If you’re already planning on having musical entertainment during dinner, fear not! Having a Mentalist perform during the cocktail hour beforehand can have just as big of an impact, and allows you to have the best of both worlds with multiple forms of entertainment. Andrew will approach groups of your guests both seated and standing and entertain them up close. Performing up close and in person allows for Andrew to spend more time amazing each guest and allows for each small group of people to have their own unique and personal show.

     If you can’t get enough mind reading, there is always option of having Andrew entertain walking among your guests during the cocktail hour and performing his stage show afterwards, allowing him to warm everyone up and give them a small taste of the show later to come in the evening.

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