Andrew Mesmer

| Mentalist

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where does Andrew perform?

    Andrew is based in Long Island, NY and can be seen performing anywhere on the island or in New York City. Andrew is more than happy to travel outside of the NYC/Long Island area for bookings.

Does Andrew perform children's shows?

     The short answer to this question would be No. Although Andrew's material is "clean", it is geared toward educated adults and would be most entertaining to audiences no younger than high school students.

What is the difference between Magic and Mentalism?

     Magic focuses on achieving the impossible; Vanishing items and producing them, or changing one thing into another. Magic is of a much more visual and physical nature.

     Mentalism focuses on powers of the mind; using methods of psychology, deception, suggestion and theatrics to seemingly read the minds of others, influence them to behave a certain way, or know things that nobody could possibly know.

What is Andrew's fee?

     There's no simple answer to this question as show prices vary with each event due to elements including audience size, amount of equipment needed, length of show, travel time, style of show and more. By using the "contact us" link and giving us a description of your event, we can give you a free quote and make sure you get the show that best suits your event.

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