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     Want to make an impression? Your next event will become one that attendees will never forget as Andrew Mesmer entertains you and your guests with feats of mind reading, predictions, suggestion, and more.
          Mentalism goes beyond regular entertainment. It will leave your guests speechless during the performance, but have them talking about it for a very long time afterwards. 
     Andrew never claims to have any psychic ability, but you may be left wondering how something so impossible can feel and look so real. Andrew Mesmer will take his audience back and forth over the now blurred line between reality and illusion so that during his show, you won't be able to tell which side you are on.

*Click the links below for a more detailed description of each style of show.*

     Perfect for occasions such as cocktail parties, small gatherings, anniversaries, holiday parties or any private event where guests are moving about.

     Mentalism can be a great addition to your events festivities and will leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

     Add a certain elegance to your special day that no other form of entertainment can offer.

   Not having a party? Come see Andrew's public live show's and be amazed on your night out!

     Don't see the type of show you are looking for? No need to worry, these options are just some of the most common styles of shows. Using the "Contact Us" option in the navigation bar at the top of this page, send us a message with questions/details and we will see to it that you get exactly the type of show you are looking for!

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