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About Andrew

     Andrew Mesmer is a professional entertainer eight years in the making with a unique blend of experience in Magic, Mentalism, and Acting. Andrew has done everything from performing for audiences of hundreds, to managing and working backstage for full scale theatrical productions, to small private parties, and currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. 

     Andrew Mesmer offers demonstrations in Mentalism ranging from theatrical style performances for a seated audience, to mingling with your guests for an individual and more personal experience.     

     Andrew Mesmer’s style of performance is sophisticated, witty, and modern. His shows are geared towards an adult audience, but are clean and appropriate. Audience members will also notice that his shows focus on extreme mental feats. Although Andrew is not psychic, he can still find out what you are thinking using his keen observation skills as well as methods of reading body language/facial expressions, psychological manipulation,deception, theatrics and the power of suggestion.

     Andrew Mesmer’s shows require audience participation. A mind reader needs minds to read after all! There are no true spectators in Andrew’s audiences, allowing for everyone to become a part of the show if they wish to.

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